Accidental Customer Unsubscribes - Solved for Good

Suppresso the Mascot

Suppresso the Mascot

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Frustrated customer in front of their computer

As a customer support agent, how often has this happened to you?

A customer submits a support ticket indicating they aren't receiving transactional emails from your app. One of the first steps is to check the various block / suppression lists of your transactional mail provider [unsubscribe, bounce, spam...] Usually this involves contacting someone on your development team to login to the email platform and do the checks, interrupting their flow to look for and remove the affected user.

There has to be a better way... If only there was a tool for Customer Service agents to manage the suppression lists...

Well now there is! SupMonster allows customer support teams to view email suppression lists across multiple email platforms and add or remove affected customer emails as needed. Missing email problems can be diagnosed and resolved as soon as they arrive, without the need to have developers involved.

We are launching in Q1 of 2024. Contact us to be notified when we launch!